Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Phlegm x David De Le Mano

Another quick wall i did while i was in Cardiff for Empty walls festival. A collaboration with the wonderful David De La Mano.

And also below is something i forgot to post last week. A quick van i painted on my  last day in Sheffield setting up the installation.

x phlegm x 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Cardiff, South Wales - uk.

Painting based on the very old welsh tradition Mari Lwyd for Empty walls festival 
This is on Wood road right next to the main bus station. 

I managed to get done early so i also had a day to make a quick wooden installation in Abacus gallery across the road.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Market traders installation - Castle house, Sheffield.

Straight from the installation work at the opera house to working on an intricate indoor piece in Sheffield. This work is for Sheffield Bazaar, which is part of the festival of the mind. It's in the old castle house co-op building on Angel street, a now disused department store built in the early sixties.The area is also the oldest part of sheffield as a settlement and has long been a site for market traders. It's also the area where sheffield castle once stood long ago.
       Thanks to Ladoza for the fantastic black and white photos below. 




Friday, September 12, 2014

Royal Opera House - etchings.

As part of the collaboration with the Opera house this month I produced all my preparatory sketch work as copper etchings. The set of nine are displayed in the opera house link between my outdoor sculpture and indoor mural. All nine are influenced by the Greek myths, Prometheus and Leda and the swan. 
At the moment the only prints done are these copies. I'm really busy still this year, and because all my printing is done by hand myself i don't have time to do a run of any of these plates right now. If you want adding to my email list just email me at phlegmcomic@gmail with the subject prints. In the new year I'll look into doing something with these plates. 

I'm still using my spare time working on the edition of etchings i mentioned earlier this year. I'm being ruthless with the quality so its taking longer than normal.  I still have painting projects I'm juggling but i promise I'll release this before the year ends. 

Friday, September 05, 2014

Royal Opera House, Covent Garden - London.

Collaboration with the Royal Opera House. Festival of Myth curated by Minna Moore Ede of the National Gallery and the Royal Ballet. The work i've done here is based on a blend of my own mythology and that of prometheus and leda and the swan.
     The wall below is a sculptural piece built onto three wooden tiers covering the piazza entrance to the opera house. Sections of this are painted in cut out sections raised from the main structure to add depth. If you can get to see this please do. It's only here for the festival.

I also painted this large wall in the inside of the opera house. This one should remain here for at least the next year.

I also produced all my ideas as copper plate prints which are displayed in the entrance. There are nine a2 size etchings on display in there. I'll do a separate post showing these over the next few weeks.

Big thanks to Matt who helped me pull a 17 hour shift constructing all the cut outs to get this done on time! thanks.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Windows and doors - Erriadh, Djerba - Tunisia.

Painted in the searing heat in the village Erriadh, on the island of Djerba, Tunisa. Organised by Galerie Itinerrance. Some fun experiments with placing windows and doors in old abandoned buildings i found hidden away in the back streets.