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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week four - The Forest.

This week was the hardest. It involved some genuinely bad weather which resulted in me sat under a tarp just staring at rain running off everything for hours on end. Rain managed to destroy my cordless saw, my gas glue gun, my paints, and my will to live. In hindsight it was a fun week and by the time i got to the last days of the month i felt i could have just stayed in the woods forever.

Day 22.

 Day 24.
 Day 25.
 Day 26.
 Day 27.
 Day 28.
 Day 29.
 Day 30.
 Day 31.

Week three - The forest

Week three was a mixture of really hitting a good stride and having fun while simultaneously starting to flag. The project took up all waking hours. Some days the ideas just didn't work and it was a chore to carry on. Other days felt inspired and everything fell into place.

Day 15.

 Day 16.
 Day 17.
 Day 18.
 Day 19.
 Day 20.
 Day 21.

week two - The forest

After the first week i started to realise i had to get up very early if i wanted to find the perfect locations, make an artwork from scratch and photograph it before the light turned. I originally wanted to use branches and natural materials to make the artworks but i quickly became more interested in the phenomenon of people fly tipping waste. I started to collect and stash tipped wood and building materials i found on the edge of the forest. These materials seemed more out of place. Turning these into artworks left in the forest felt less invasive than using things found in the forest itself. I also started to realise these artworks weren't going to last at all. Only two artworks remained there longer than a day.

Day 8.

 Day 9.
 Day 10.
 Day 11.
 Day 12.
 Day 13.
 Day 14.

Week one - the forest.

I've been a bit of a hermit lately. Maybe I've spent too long in my shed drawing comics, or maybe i just stayed in the woods a little too long. Anyway. Happy new year to you all. I'm now going to get myself up to date and start sharing with you a few more things I've been up to. I feel last year i worked in private a lot as i tried to prioritise my book projects and reorganise the way i work. This year should be a better year for all you who have supported me over the years. Some of my books are nearing completion and i have some great print work i can't wait to share. I also have some walls planned that i really can't wait to get started on.

August 1st 2015.
Day one.

 Day two.
 Day three
 Day four.
 Day five.
 Day six.
 Day seven.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Forest - a month in the woods.

Phlegm - The Forest from Gecko Films on Vimeo.

During August i'll be doing a project in the forest. Every day i'll be doing a small installation or artwork within the boundaries of the forest. Its a project where i can immerse myself, be playful and site specific, where i can escape emails and modern life for a while and just work in the woods.
       Some work is premade but most of it will be done during the project, using the forest as my studio. All artwork will be in view so please no digging and foraging. To lower my impact on the woods each day i will refill my empty bag with litter found on my way.
       Each day of my artist residency in the forest i'll upload a new artwork on my instagram. The project will end with a series of short videos documenting the whole month of artwork.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Berlin - Germany.

I've been a bit slow with this blog lately. Lots of organising and experimenting in the studio ready for some new projects for the end of this year and early next year. I'm almost back up to speed now so over the next few weeks i'll be back to much more frequent content for a while. 

This fantastic project was organised in Berlin by Urban nation. Its on Alvenslebenstrabe, Schoneberg in Berlin. It was an amazing space to paint, almost sculptural in quality with multiple surfaces to paint. It's a tricky one to photograph.